Cruising the Chilean Patagonia & Comao Estuary
Sailing,Biking and Hiking in Chilean Beautiful Southern Landscapes


DAY 1- Meeting and touring at Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas * The cities are well known for their German traditions. P. Varas is located on the shore of the Llanquihue Lake, one of the largest natural lakes in South America and P. Montt is beside the Pacific ocean.

DAY 2- Sail at dawn and landfall at Porcelana hot springs * Day tour

of natural landscapes, waterfalls and native flora and fauna, eating the wonders of the Chilean Patagonia

DAY 3- Hiking at Porcelana hot springs * Connect with nature in an 1 hour hike trough untouched forest * A fest of cheeses, wines, fruits and natural juices will join us in our trip to the more relaxing place ever.

DAY 4- Sailing the area * Discover sailing the southern wild places the world has to offer.

DAY 5-Incredible up-close to the culture and gastronomy of the area * Meat the locals and share a curanto with them.

DAY 6-Biking Chilhuapi Island * Enjoy a day of biking and eating the most incredible seafood in the area. Local people as well as nature will surprise you.

DAY 7- Landfall at noon at Marina del Sur, Puerto Montt .

Chilean Patagonia begins at the Pacific ocean in Valdivia, Chilean territory stretches from Valdivia to Cape horn, including the western side of Tierra del Fuego Island  in addition to all of Cape Horn and the Strait of Magallanes, to the north through the Fiords of Chiloe island and Puerto Montt, where we will be sailing.


6 nights

Route Rating 1-3

Meet/Depart Puerto Montt, Chile

Join Us Sep trough Mar

Individual or group

Internal Air $300 app.

*Schedule may vary due to weather